Introducing Velayat University

Velayat University traces back its roots to 1993 when it was originally founded as the Teacher Training College of Iranshahr in affiliation to Sistan and Baluchistan University. The college which was responsible for training Mathematics instructors besides Persian and English Language and Literature teachers, developed into Iranshahr Higher Education Center in 2001. Then, in 2007, with the approval of the Council for the Expansion of Higher Education, it became independent from Sistan and Baluchistan University and turned into Iranshahr Higher Education Complex. This journey of development did not end there, and the complex was promoted in 2010- concurrent with the 32nd anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran- and officially became a university. It was called Velayat University. Thanks to the commitment and devotion of the administrators and president of the university, it has dramatically developed both physically and academically since 2008; the growth in the number of colleges from 1 to 5, majors from 7 to 29, the student population from 400 to 4015, the considerable expansion of the building area from 5,000 square meters to 90,000 square meters, and the promising surge of faculty members from 15 to more than 110 people attest to this strong determination to progress. The university hopes to keep on growing comprehensively and   sustainably by garnering the required financial and spiritual support and benefitting from its large family of members’ revolutionary spirit.